On the rise has been the era of fitness, health & well being.
30 being the new 20; 40 the new 30; and even 50 the new 40.

Why? A level of individual consciousness has been reached. We have realized that time is not our friend. Time is only our measuring stick. Enter the eXercise Age.

Within every one of us, there is an athlete™. Your starting line was your motivation to exercise, motivation developed your dedication. Your dedication help conditioned you determination; that become your resolve, the inner voice that said “I won’t stop”. Consistency became your exercise language. You learned the process and became refined by progress, ultimately commitment became your covenant.

You get addicted to the exhaustion after an intense workout. You exercise to please yourself but someone’s always watching. You’ve changed; others see that change in you and notice the results. You are infectious; you look strong, healthy, and full of energy. You exude a level of confidence that perhaps has never been there before.

You get recognized because you exhibit that intangible prowess in your ethic. Are you a competitor staking your best against someone else, or against your OWN personal best? You may not be a competitor in a sport, but your sport is staying healthy and exercise active, being whatever it is you want to be through a commitment to yourself. You don’t’ have to be a competitor in sport to be a contender for life.

Whatever it is you do to get fit, stay fit, and therefore become known as an image of fit, you commit. Embracing the eXcellent Achiever™ in you, you enjoy setting a physical goal for yourself and achieving that goal. So you approve a new one, and it’s challenging, but you shake challenges hand and say “nice to meet you”, now you eXude Athlete®.

Pain is nothing for you, because breakthrough and the athlete in you, is the byproduct of that pain. Recognizing the athlete in you is a gift you give yourself, exercising your abilities, talents, and skills say you deserve to be the beneficiary. Because for you, exercise is not a chore; it’s the currency of your self-worth, and every time you train, your inner voice gets to say “I earned it”.

We invite all comers born with the XA chromosome “gene of the athlete” to wear with honor, XA, the athlete coat of arms® which is representative to who we are. Be known to all others to excel and not to be counted as ordinary, because you live extraordinary. If this defines you, we welcome you to this elite, excellent, exceptional society because you are the eXercise Athlete®

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