• What defines a reason to take action? “Motivation
  • What does motivation with the decision to settle on a purpose develop? Determination
  • What does desire and inner will become? “Dedication
  • What’s the most underrated word in the exercise language? “Consistency
  • What do most people lack due to never reaching consistency? “Commitment

WHAT: The sum of these ingredients is DISCIPLINE. eXercise Arts is not martial arts it’s the art of creating the discipline to exercise, where exercise becomes the discipline™. You advance through levels in the same likeness of martial arts while getting physically fit. Your level of excellence is measured by colors from white to black called stripes worn around the wrist, with 9 levels. When you’re ready to advance, take your eXercise Assessment™.

WHO: Everyone. Not limited to groups, nor one-on-one training. This is also for those who have reached discipline to be committed to exercise even alone. Great for competitive athletes e.g., (tri-athletes, cyclists, runners, swimmers, track and field athletes, sport fighters, obstacle athletes, adventure athletes, body builders, eXtreme Athletes and pretty much every athlete there is; not to mention those in physically demanding professions, and more).

As practitioners of eXercise Arts, you may train anywhere around the world using the XA discipline and methods and still advance through levels. Designed for anyone who wants to challenge themselves; customizing your physique along the way.

WHY: eXercise Arts is set well apart because we’ve taken performance, conditioning, strength, and lean muscle building exercises, and combined it with constant varied functional training which mimics movements we do in everyday life. With a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound (S.M.A.R.T.) system, for this reason translates into discipline. Moreover by empowering people as the “New class of ATHLETE” (exclusive to XA as eXercise Athlete®) along with the education from basics to highly advanced methods, it breeds the culture for the University of eXercise Athletes UXA where discipline is a class level™ by education. Married with eXercise Arts (physical discipline) the belief in the ideology becomes our credo i.e., within every one of us there is an athlete™.

To whom it concerns be motivated, stay dedicated, and accountable by consistency. Pledge to thyself a commitment to healthy living via exercise, nutrition, and knowledge. Be focused; ready yourself to support those around you to perform at your peak in the interest of fitness, health, up to and including sport. Enhance, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get empowered; achieve excellence, with eXercise Arts as YOUR DISCIPLINE.

What eXercise Arts will do for you:

Increase performance via Endurance, Strength, dexterity, Accuracy, Agility & Speed
Increase Self esteem
Increase Bone density
Increase Flexibility & Balance
Increase Libido
Reduce inches, weight via body fat
Reduce chances of high blood pressure
Reduce Stress & Tension
Reduce your risk of health complications due to aging and MANY

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